Local Shoots

Tri County Archers

 These are run every Sunday by the local archery clubs.  A 3-D shoot is a walk through the woods with animal shaped targets off to each side.  Shoot one arrow at each target and a typical course will have anywhere from 20 - 30 targets.
Most of these shoots cost $10-$12 per person.

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Indoor Spot Leagues

These leagues are run at Silver Birch Archery and can be FITA, NFAA, or BowHunter Leagues.  These are great but you must sign up ahead of time to participate!

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Adult Archery Program

This program is the adult component to the JOAD program.  We will meet, shoot, compete and level up during the indoor archery season.  More details soon.

Junior Olympic Archery Development


This advanced club will be open to kids ages 10-17.  This is for serious archers who are ready for competition at the next level. Download the info sheet below!

Private Lessons

 Cost per student: $40
This is the beginning of great things.  In this class we build the foundation for proper archery technique.   All equipment is provided.
Classes can be scheduled on any available weeknight after 6:30pm.  Please call or email to reserve a spot. 

Holiday Shoots

Keep an eye out for crazy holiday shoots!  These are loads of fun and you can win great prizes!