Friends of Silver Birch Archery

Apple Valley Restaurant

Amazing food, great hangout, AND they offer a discount to SBA members.

(I have one of their menus behind my counter... shhh, don't tell.) 

Pike County Outfitters

Ted is an EXPERT fishing guide, record book hunter, and all around outdoors resource. While picking up gear and live bait, pick his brain on local conditions and strategies. 

The Artisan Exchange

Another fun local spot that gives discounts to SBA members, the Artisan Exchange has art from local artists that is beautiful and natural. Don't forget to check the upstairs rooms. 

Route 6 Tire

I can't say enough about these guys.  They treat you like a friend, get you great prices and do flawless work.  Anwar even dropped my car off after it was finished.  It is hard to find that kind of dedication any more. 

Prime Time Meats

The fried chicken is amazing, the pre-marinated meat is a must for the grill, and the service is OUTSTANDING! Everyone knows Kenny's generosity and quality that shines through in his professional life, but did you know he is also a great shot with a bow? 

Hucklebuck's Smokehouse & Butcher Shop

It is hard to find a good butcher to process your deer, but Chuck brings processing to an art form.  He makes venison pastrami, snack sticks, sausage, and so much more. Bring your deer to Chuck and what you get back is pure magic.